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The Best in iPod Touch Offers & Packages

If you’re looking to buy one of these brilliant Apple MP3 players then you have come to the right place. We source, review and sell the iPod Touch at the lowest prices in the United Kingdom, so you can finally end your search and let us do all the hard work. We go to great lengths to review and test every model and Touch Generation product available, see all our reviews in the Articles section.

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Not only is the Touch a magnificent MP3 Player it can also do so much more than just play your favourite music and tunes. Launched in mid-2007, the Ipod has since sold in excess of 65+ million pieces and sales are still going very strong. Instead of buying a standard and, quite dull, MP3 device, we reckon it is best to shell out a tad extra and go for the amazing Apple Touch. We will go into detail on the many benefits below.

When you’re on the look out for a cheap iPod Touch for sale in England and the UK you may or may not be surprised that these very much sought after Apple devices are selling at much more competitive and affordable prices on the internet. Sure, the big bricks and mortar stores usually have great deals and packages on offer, but places like Amazon and Argos nearly always beat anywhere else with their excellent prices and offers. We go into the pros and cons of ‘website versus stores’ in another section on this site but for now let us take a closer look at the Touch version of the Ipod and what it has to offer.

Every time Apple releases a new version of the Touch new features, styles and updates are always present. The constant evolution of this souped-up MP3 player really is outstanding and reflects on Apple’s superb innovation and creativity. Each new model that comes off the production line has faster processors, more impressive & better functioning software and they even look much more sleek and modern than their predecessor. The Apple iOS operating system has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and runs so much more smoothly after every new upgrade.

Apple iPod – Our Reaction

When you see images and pictures of the Touch it certainly looks quite impressive. What you don’t realise is that in real life this product looks even more fantastic and stunning when right in front of your eyes. Its slim line appearance and solid feel make this one very attractive and in-demand product. Apple is all about quality and this clearly shows – in bucket loads we might add. Compare the Touch to a £50 MP3 player and you will really see what we mean. Why not take a trip to your local high street shop and actually hold the Apple product in your hand… we’re confident you will be very impressed. When you have it in your hand you may think this wonder of technology will be quite heavy but surprisingly enough the Ipod Touch weighs a mere 115 grams, just a tad more than your average bar of chocolate!

iOS Operating System & Additional Software

If you already have the iPhone, then you may already know that the Touch uses the exact same operating system as it – this operating system is currently known as iOS 5.0 and what a great piece of software it is. The Apple iStore is one of the biggest on the planet and there you can download and buy applications – known in the industry as Apps – that range from Weight Loss monitors to Meditation Aids to the latest in gaming technology (we recommend you try Angry Birds: it’s a riot!). The iPod Touch can also run processor hungry games and these resemble high definition versions of the Playstation 2 gaming console – all this in the palm of your hand.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all hugely popular these days, and the Touch can easily help you update your statuses, add images to your photo albums and play crystal clear videos on Youtube – all in the touch of a button in many scenarios. These apps are all free and well worth a download if you plan to keep connected while on the go.

Hardware Features of the iPod Touch

We all know the Touch plays MP3 music, and does this basic task very well indeed. The music interface and menu options really make playing your favourite tunes a breeze. Sound is crisp and clear and the bass setting is just right. There are so many settings you can tweak and play around with until you find the perfect setup for you. You can personalise your Touch to suit your likes and preferences easily and in a jiffy.

As well as playing music files, the iPod Touch comes with a camera on the back as well as on the front of the device allowing the user to make and take Skype phone and video calls. The main camera now comes with a high definition (or HD) camera capturing frames at an impressive 720p – this produces extremely clear images and video files that you can proudly share with family, friends and the world by uploading them directly to your Youtube account.

The famous Apple A4 processor is where all the work goes on in this compact device. This is the exact same processor used in the iPhone 4 so you can be sure you’re smack bang up to date with the latest in technological advances.

Internet Browsing & Battery Performance

The battery is a huge factor when considering buying any sort of rechargeable product. If the battery isn’t up to scratch then you may as well be throwing your money down the drain as you’ll have to be constantly charging your media device, and this just frustrates people. Fear not though, when looking to buy the cheapest iPod Touch you can rest assured that its battery pack is one of the highlights of this product’s specs. They claim that music can be played for over 45 hours straight before the battery dies after a full charge – in the technology industry this is truly excellent performance when you compare it to other available MP3 players in the same price bracket.

When you wish to log on to the internet, allow the Safari browser (which comes free with the model) take the pain and effort out of the usual awkward and inefficient handheld internet browsing. Simply slide your finger up or down the screen to view documents or web pages, and pinch or part your fingers to zoom in and out when you wish to view images or hard to read text. Email software is also included with the iPod Touch items for sale available on this very website.

Cheap iPod Touch Models

So why not take the time to casually browse around our website, find out more about these items and purchase brand new and genuine products direct from us. We only stock 100% genuine and brand new products – so you can be sure you’re getting the best deals around every time.

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